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100% Organic Latex 'GREEN with enVy™ + Copper Pillow


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The 100% Organic Green with enVy™ Pillow offers Therapeutic Neck Support / TMJ Support/ CPAP Pillow and an Anti-Aging Edge.  This new ultra-sustainable pillow offers the same patented design and shape with the same therapeutic support and Off-Your-Face Anti-wrinkle positioning as our other enVy™ pillows, but instead of memory foam it is made with 100% Certified Organic Latex (GOLS).

The Organic Latex offers a bouncier, quicker response to pressure. It still conforms to your head and neck, but in a more buoyant way. It is less dense than our memory foam Envy pillows with a more light, airy, supportive lift.  

Comes with a copper-infused liner.

Do not wash the latex foam material. To remove spills or stains gently wipe with a damp cloth and allow to dry.

Do not go to bed with wet hair as this will degrade the product.

Do not fold the enVy pillow as the foam will split.

Do not use the pillow without its custom-fitted liners and pillowcase as this will expose the foam to increase wear and tear *Avoid removing the pillow protector which protects the latex foam*

To Wash:

The removable custom fitted 100% TENCEL™ pillowcase and liners should be washed in cool water on a gentle cycle with a delicate fabric detergent (we recommend a lingerie bag) or preferably wash by hand. Do not use chlorine bleach.  May be tumble dried on a gentle setting or preferably hung to dry.  If you iron do so on a low setting.